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How we Helped BharatPe Streamline Its Payment Processing with a Microservices Architecture

Vidyayatan Infotech helps fintech companies build scalable, secure, and reliable solutions using microservices architectures. The company has successfully delivered a microservices architecture for BharatPe, a leading fintech platform that offers a suite of products and services for offline merchants and small businesses in India. The solution helped BharatPe streamline its payment processing system, and achieve significant improvements in its performance, efficiency, and customer experience. The solution also enabled BharatPe to grow its business and expand its reach in the Indian market.
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How we helped HABUILD scale its habit-building platform with custom software solutions

Vidyatan Infotech's strategic software solutions and tech expertise played a critical role in HABUILD's rapid growth and success. Their comprehensive approach, encompassing automation, custom development, team building, and infrastructure setup, empowered HABUILD to streamline operations, deliver an exceptional member experience, and achieve its ambitious scaling goals.
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How we Simplified BharatPe Swipe Machine Charge Management

Vidyayatan Infotech's innovative solution transformed BharatPe's Swipe machine charge management from a manual, error-prone process to a streamlined, automated, and data-driven system. This not only boosted operational efficiency but also empowered BharatPe to offer more flexible plans, targeted marketing campaigns, and ultimately, a more attractive platform for their merchants
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How we created BharatPe’s Swipe Chargebacks System

We worked with BharatPe, a leading fintech startup in India, to create a Swipe Chargebacks System for their QR code-based payment solution. BharatPe enables merchants to accept payments from any UPI app, such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. BharatPe has over 6 million merchants across 100 cities in India, and processes over 10 billion transactions per year. The chargeback rate for BharatPe was around 0.5%, which was higher than the industry average of 0.2%. We were hired to design and develop a system that could handle the chargeback process efficiently and effectively for both BharatPe and its merchants. We completed the project in 6 months
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Vidyayatan Infotech & Sortit Pro - Empowering Fitness Professionals

Vidyayatan Infotech developed a successful app for Sortit Pro, using their expertise, skills, and technologies. The app provided a unique and innovative solution for fitness professionals and their clients, and helped Sortit Pro to achieve their business goals and objectives. The case study also showed how Vidyayatan Infotech followed a systematic and agile methodology to execute the project, and how they maintained a close and collaborative relationship with Sortit Pro throughout the project lifecycle.
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We Empower Choise.AI with Scalable Content Tagging Workflow

Vidyayatan Infotech's solution empowered Choise.AI with a scalable and efficient content tagging workflow. The hybrid framework using Airflow and Spark offers greater flexibility, performance, and developer productivity, paving the way for Choise.AI's continued growth and innovation in the personalized content experience space.
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